Android Zoom Not Working with Bluetooth Speakers

Lisa Shea ASP Coding

I use zoom all the time for a variety of reasons. I run writing seminars, I teach teen writing classes, and I have networking meetings with fellow tech types. For some reason, while the desktop version of Zoom works beautifully with Bluetooth devices, my Samsung S21 Ultra cellphone will NOT allow Zoom to connect with Bluetooth speakers.

The Bluetooth speakers and earbuds work perfectly fine with every other app on my Samsung phone. It is solely Zoom which refuses to talk with Bluetooth devices. Zoom instead uses the built in phone speakers. Tapping the speaker icon only switches between the speakerphone mode and the hold-to-ear mode.

I’ll note that the Zoom Samsung functionality with Bluetooth USED TO WORK up until about December 2021. It was an update around January 2022 which broke the Zoom Bluetooth connection on Samsung devices.

There is a workaround!!

It is annoying, but it works for us.

1) Turn off Bluetooth

2) Turn off earbuds

3) Reboot phone

4) Start Zoom

5) Turn on Bluetooth

6) Turn on earbuds

For whatever strange reason, once you take those steps, Zoom is able to communicate properly with your earbuds and you can now use earbuds with a Samsung Zoom call.

Let me know if this works for you!

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