Speccy Free Hard Drive Diagnostics for Hard Drive Repair

Speccy Free Hard Drive Diagnostics for Hard Drive Repair

It’s amazing the high quality of programs you can get for free nowadays. Speccy absolutely falls into that category. Speccy is a wonderfully valuable tool to let you examine your computer’s operating system, RAM, CPU, Motherboard, hard drives, and much, much more. It provides all sorts of useful information.

This is especially true if your hard drive is starting to fail.

Speccy is made by CCleaner and can be found here:


The base software is wholly free. When you start it up, you get an overview of your system.

So the main Speccy categories are summary, operating system, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Storage, Optical Drives, Audio, Peripherals, and Network.

The area I use is the storage area. This is where you get details on your hard drives.

My previous drive had been reporting errors in the Uncorrectable Sector Count and the Current Pending Sector Count. Those errors were increasing. That is a sign of a failing drive. It prodded me to get all my data off that drive and onto a new replacement drive.

I love Speccy. I highly recommend them. If you enjoy Speccy, I also recommend you support them with a payment. The more we can reward programmers who help us with our lives, the better they are to keep improving and developing their software.

Ask with any questions!

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