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WordPress is known for sometimes giving wholly cryptic and non-useful error messages. What happens when you’re attempting to add a blog post or edit an existing blog post and you get the error “Updating failed”? Just what is going on? How could you fix an error of Updating failed?

First, do the normal sorts of internet checks. Is it just your blog having problems, or can you see anything else on the internet? If your entire internet connection is down, then no wonder you can’t update a WordPress page. Fix that problem.

But what if you can get to your other favorite websites? What if it is only WordPress that is having this mysterious Updating Failed error?

Hopefully you can still get to your WordPress dashboard. If you can’t, that’s a more serious problem. But if you can, go into Tools -> Site Health. It might be you’ve never had to go into this area before. If so, count yourself lucky. Now that you’re in here, take a look at what it is reporting. If there is an error with a given plugin, it might be time to disable that plugin.

I find that Jetpack causes me errors ALL of the time. I don’t know why I keep using it. I do find it very helpful, I suppose. But the number of times that it is Jetpack causing me problems is pretty impressive.

Usually this fixes the problem!

If you can’t get into the admin, here’s a next step to take:

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