ASP Error Messages

ASP can be used for creating quite complex websites. Often this leads to interesting errors that you never imagined existed. It can easily take hours or days to track down.

That’s where my site comes in. Since I’ve been coding in ASP for nearly twenty years, on over thirty sites, I’ve seen a wide variety of ASP problems crop up. I’ve documented those ASP errors for you so you can quickly and easily solve your issue.

To begin with, make sure you’re viewing the errors as completely as possible. For that you want to know about:

Blocking and Viewing ASP 500 Errors on IIS

Note that the list below isn’t comprehensive. There are quite a large number of error messages that you can manage to trigger when coding in ASP. Still, here are the most commonly encountered messages and their solutions.

Array Subscript Overflow Error
ASP Error 0126
The HTTP Headers are Already Written
Overflow: ‘cInt’
The requested resource is in use
Server Too Busy – Error 500-13
Type Mismatch Error
Temporary volatile Jet DSN for process – Unable to open Registry key

If your error message wasn’t on this list, and it involves a database connection, work with the instructions below. You can also contact me and I’ll see if I can help out.

Troubleshooting an ASP Database Connection Error