Array Subscript Overflow Error in ASP Code

If you’re using arrays in ASP Programming, it’s very likely at one point or another that you’ll hit a subscript overflow error.

In ASP, arrays are defined when they are created. These arrays can only hold a certain number of members. Say you define an array “states” to have 50 members. You will of course get an error if you try to put in member #51 – or member #101!

Any time you get an array subscript overflow error, look back at your original definition. Remember, the first member of an array is item number ZERO. Then the next spot is 1, and then 2, and so on.

So if you want your array to have 12 items in it for the 12 months, and you want the array IDs to be 1 through 12, you should dimension your array to have THIRTEEN members. That will give you spots 0 through 12. You simply won’t use spot zero.

Careful debugging will make it easy to see where the array overflow is occurring – and to let you dimension your array so it is the appropriate size!

Programming in ASP can be challenging sometimes. Be sure to remember the quirks about how arrays work here.

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