Temporary volatile Jet DSN for process – Unable to open Registry key

Error codes that appear in Classic ASP programming can drive you crazy sometimes. How do you fix the problem if you encounter the error Temporary volatile Jet DSN for process – Unable to open Registry key ?

First, this error in general means there is a permission problem getting to the database. Usually this happens when you do a security patch on your server, reboot your server, or install firewall software. All of these things can cause your web user to lose permission to access the critical files.

So first, check the basics. Make sure that IUSR has write permission to both the directory holding the database file and to any temp directories being used. Make sure that the DSN connection string is actually pointed at the directory you are working on!

Even if you thought these were set properly, a reboot or a security upgrade might have unset them. Check again.

Next, look into any other security blocks that may have been added. Have you added any antivirus or firewall software recently? Try turning it off and see if that helps.

If it does, turn the software back on and then go into its configuration, and allow access to the directories in question.

This here is a good reason that you should always backup before you begin any sort of upgrade or change process. All sorts of things can go wrong. Also, document each step. That way you have a sense of what to undo.

Good luck!

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