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I normally lease my own dedicated servers to host my websites. I have complete and total control over my servers in terms of installing software and editing the files. Sometimes, though, I help friends with projects. Did you know if you host your blog on the site that they do NOT let you install ANY third-party plugins at all unless you upgrade to their $299 per year business plan?

I admit I was fairly shocked when I realized this. Plugins are a standard, normal part of any WordPress blog. People mix and match plugins for all sorts of reasons. They stop using one and start using another because it handles an issue in a slightly different manner. It had never occurred to me that a hosted blog might be able to access some plugins and not other plugins.

Some websites recommend using instead of to run your blog. That’s misleading, though. is NOT A HOSTING SITE. All it is is a provider of software. You then have to install that software on a hosting server. There are many hosting servers out there that run WordPress software – GoDaddy, Globat, BlueHost, and so on. You need to get an account with one of those HOSTING COMPANIES to run the WordPress software.

You can’t actually run a blog ON the site.

There are free options for blog hosting on – but they don’t include plugin freedom. And pretty much anybody is going to want to use plugins once they start using WordPress.

So, to summarize, I really recommend NOT paying the quite high price of $299/year to in order to have full access to a WordPress blog. There are lots of inexpensive options out there for an annual web hosting package which includes a WordPress blog.

Ask with any questions, good luck!

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