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MDAC and Database Connections

Every time you make a connection to your database, you are burning 7mb of memory. Learn to manage this well, to keep your system running smoothly.

First, make sure you go through the various articles on this site to code well. Close any connections you open. Open as few connections as possible, getting content in bulk instead of going back and requesting little pieces one by one. Name your tables and field names something meaningful but short so that the traffic back and forth is as small as possible.

Still, every time you open a connection, by default the MDAC - Microsoft Data Access Components - sets aside 7mb of memory for that connection. If you happen to have 30 concurrent users, that's a fair chunk of memory being set aside and probably not needed at all.

Use Start - Run and type in REGEDIT to edit your registry. Always back up your registry before modifying it, and do these changes at quiet times of the night! Look for


In here, make a new key and call it


In the Flags key, make a new Dword. Name it


set its value to 000040000 in Hex.

Now exit and reboot!

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