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Create a Table with SQL Syntax

Need to create a table to put data in? It's very easy to put together SQL Syntax to build the table to store your newsletter members, poll votes, or more.

To start with, get a connection to your databse using ODBC, Access, PowerBuilder, or whatever other tool you use. Open up a SQL window so you can submit a SQL command to your database.

Now for the syntax. The general syntax to create a table is

CREATE TABLE tablename (field1 type1, field2 type2, field3 type3 ...);

So let's say you want to create a table called MEMBERS which holds your newsletter members in it. The fields you are tracking are memb_email, memb_date to know when each person joined you. You would say:

CREATE TABLE members (memb_email varchar(50), memb_date datetime);

The most commonly used field types are:


The char field is best used when you are always going to have a set number of letters. So this is good to use for char(1) if you are doing a nl_type of H for HTML and T for text. The varchar field is best used when the character lengths will always be different, such as when you are taking in email addresses of varying lengths.

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