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Setting Weekly MS-SQL Backups

When you keep all of your data online in a MS-SQL database, it is critical that you set up your system to back that data up at least weekly. Remember, that data is your website. If that data gets corrupted or lost, you will have to start again from scratch, defining the tables, putting in all the data - if you even have it.

Luckily, MS-SQL makes it easy to automated a weekly backup - or even a daily backup if you want even more security. Log into your SQL manager. Go down to 'Management', and then to backup. You can set the schedule for your backup, where you want the backup file to be written, and other details in here.

Make sure you do not back up your files so they are stored in your live web folders! Then anybody who happens across them can download them and steal your data.

Do make sure you turn your SQL Server Agent to ON. If the agent isn't running, it can't do those backups.

If you have several databases, you might want to instead create a Database Maintenance Plan. This lets you automate a number of database operations on a weekly or daily basis - including backups, reindexing, file compression and more.

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