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Running ASP on your Home System

There are all sorts of great reasons you might want to get ASP running on your home Windows system. Maybe you'd like to test your code out before you move it live to your main server. Maybe you have little utilities, to clean up text files, that you'd like to be able to run locally. Here is how you set that up.

First, you need to have Personal Web Server (PWS) or Internet Information Services (IIS) installed on your home machine. These are Windows software sets. Go into Start - Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs - Add Windows Components to get to the area. Make sure you have IIS and the WWW Service installed.

Once it's installed, you have to get it running. Go into control panel - administrative tools - IIS. This will launch your standard IIS manager, to start the service.

Next, open up a browser window. Type in this format:


That should get you to the file in that directory, off of whatever you set your website root directory too!
ASP Server Setup Information