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LCase ASP String Function

LCase is a commonly used ASP function that allows you to convert all characters in a string to their lower case versions. It only takes in one parameter:

* The string variable to operate on

The original string variable is not altered.

A common problem with brand new web users is that when they type, they shout - they TYPE THEIR MESSAGE IN ALL CAPITALS. This is very difficult to read. If you have a form into which a user types a message, you might want to "help them out" by making their message more readable.

Say a user put in a message saying "I LOVE DIGIMON THEY ARE THE BEST ANIME EVER HOW COULD YOU LIKE POKEMON YOU MORON!" You could begin by turning their entire message into lowercase:

UserRant = LCase(UserRant)

That would at least turn their message into the more eye-friendly one of "i love digimon they are the best anime ever how could you like pokemon you moron". If you wanted to then do a bit more cleanup and make the first letter uppercase and so on, you can certainly do that!

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