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ASP Function Listing

If there's one thing you want to master when learning the ASP language, it's the ASP function list. It's hard to code when you don't have the basic tools well in hand! This function list will get you started on that path.

It is critical that you learn and understand all available ASP functions. That way when you are coding a project, you know that you're doing your task in the most efficient manner possible. If you don't know that a function exists, you won't know to use it to solve your problems.

Here's the information you should study and get familiar with. Each function is listed with helpful tips to get you on the path to using them efficiently.

ASP String Functions
ASP Numeric Functions
ASP Array Functions
ASP Date / Time Functions

ASP Variable Testing Functions
ASP File System Functions

Once you've mastered the various ASP functions, you should then study the SQL Commands you'll use to connect ASP to your database of choice.