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Creating an ASP Ebook

The trick really isn't creating the ebook. All an ebook is is a PDF file - and pretty much any word processor can output one of those. The trick is how to GET the ebook to your end user without having the entire web download it for free.

The way to do this is to mail it as an attachment. When the user returns from PayPal, do some verification with cookies or return codes. My site discusses many different ways to handle this. When you are sure this user is a valid person, then ask them for their email address.

The code you want to then use is:

Set objMail= Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
 With objMail
	  .From = "webmaster@aspisfun.com"
	  .To =  Email
	  .Subject = "Ebook from ASPIsFun"
	  .TextBody = BodyTxt
	  .AddAttachment "E:\ebookdir\yourebook.pdf"
 End With
Set objMail = Nothing

The beauty of this is that the /ebookdir/ directory is NOT on the web. It is a protected directory on your hard drive. While your mail package can get to it, the web users can't. It won't be indexed, spidered or stolen. It will only be mailed out to that one user who paid for it.

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